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The testing center of World-Vertex Electromechanics established in March 2007, which is builted together by the original Best & Honest Group’s physical and chemical room, measuring room (part). It is the testing organization of company ,belongs to the inspection department. 
The main testing products of new center are the water pumps, valves, pipe fittings, bathroom accessories and so on. The center consists of material and performance lab, water pump comprehensive test-bed, metallographic microscope, spectrometer, three-coordinate measuring instruments and so on.And the lab covers about 350 square meters.All of them nearly valve 3million yuan(RMB). With a reasonable configuration and good management personnel ,our group can have a better test of the water pump performances,such as life,hardness of material, physical and chemical test of metallography.
This center now undertakes the testing of water pumps, valves, pipe fittings, bathroom accessories , including more than 170 kinds of products of conventional project monitoring or EU standard detection. And it also undertakes the entrusted inspection of outsourcing supplier.
Our center strictly implement the requirements of this operation manual of international testing, which can have an effective operation of quality system.We aim to achieve the company’s quality policy and objectives, improving the test level and the service level.Then our group can constantly enhance the quality system and ensure the confidence of customers for our center.

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